Rove Travel AppIf you’ve glanced through our portfolio then it’s pretty obvious we like to travel in the Tradebox office.  Our range of Trippa travel guides are all free to download and use (you can take a look at our list of destinations here).  This weeks, app of the week is one that’s sure to help anyone who likes to get out and about as much as we do. Rove is a travel app for helping you to remember all of the places that you’ve visited during a trip or just over a weekend/evening where you might have drunk a few too many.

It’s a really simple app to use, you just open it up, allow it to access gps, exit the app and leave it running in the background.  Get on with what you need to do over the course of the day, come back to it and it will list all of the places that you’ve visited, how long it took for you to get there and even tell you how you travelled.  If you wanted to, you can take photo’s from within the app and add them to the timeline.  To share your adventure, Rove gives you the option create a webpage which you can tweet, email or post to Facebook with a cover photo and a caption.

Designed to minimise battery usage as much as possible, Rove will detect when you’re stationary or travelling really fast and adjusting it’s algorithm to suit.  There’s also some clever features built in, for example if you were driving from Cardiff to London, it won’t try telling you that you visited Bristol, Swindon and Reading as well.

On the whole it’s a really handy app for anyone who does a lot of travelling, the design is very flat and simple, working beautifully with the rest of iOS 7.  It’s free to download and use currently, with plans to make money from the app from advertising and affiliate links in the future.  This could include things like, if I were to share my Rove page with my friends including information about a hotel I stayed at, Rove could include a link to book a stay at that hotel and get a percentage from any booking made.