Quidco AppEveryone loves saving money. Being a student, saving money and getting things for the best value possible is at the forefront of every shopping trip , be it for my weekly groceries or next weekends outfit! So when I heard about this simple and easy to use money saving app that gives you a small percentage back off every purchase, I was more than intrigued.

Quidco is an app designed to help you earn cashback both online, through your mobile and on the High Street through cashback rates and vouchers that can all be found in one place!  It’s a medium through which to purchase online and save money on the go and the cashback rates come from the commission Quidco would’ve made through your use of the app. What Quidco do however, is give you back that commission as a way of saying thanks for using the app. (You’re more than welcome!)The percentage might only be small, but you could join me and other Quidco members and save on average £280 a year  by buying your shoes and taking out car insurance through the application.

What I love about Quidco is it’s simplicity yet ability to have such a vast amount of material. After quickly signing up and registering any payment cards you have, Quidco lets you loose on over 4,000 top retailers from Tesco to Argos and by turning on your phone’s GPS you can see the latest offers and cashback rates exclusively in your area.  Naturally, I was pretty concerned about handing over my card details to a phone app that tracks my purchases; however, the privacy policy settles any concerns and can be read via the app or on the partnering Quidco website which is very useful and interesting.

You can keep track of how much you’re earning back on your purchases through ‘My Quidco’ and then have a choice of how you want that money back; either straight to your bank account; PayPal or even as an Amazon Gift Certificate. The app is available on IOS and Android systems so what are you waiting for? Download and get saving!