Educational Applications

Amaya Lopez looks at the intellectual development in children using apps.

How can technology encourage your child’s intellectual development?

Nowadays, seeing a child with a mobile phone or a tablet in their hands seems very normal. Times change and so do habits.

There are more than 800,000 educational applications (both for students and for teachers) aiming to make learning easier. These applications open up a world of possibilities; immense digital content at just one tap.

As it’s difficult to keep children’s attention for too long, many schools decided to include tablets in their classes. With them students can learn and have fun at the same time. Don’t you remember when you were little and you didn’t want to open the books?

Applications for fun

Not just in schools; for parents too, it’s very helpful to select the content that the youngest members of the family are going to watch and consume – you control the schedule. There are applications where you can select series or films with which parents can keep doing their things knowing that children aren’t watching something inappropriate.

Some people may be concerned that using mobile devices can lead to social isolation. However, there is an ever increasing number of applications on the market that facilitate learning in a social environment with entertainment and play.

Besides, applications not only provide entertainment, but they also help to improve attention, to build up memory and mental calculation. Not only for the little ones, they cover all ages.

There are educational psychologists who agree that the right use of technology by children assists in emotional and intellectual development.

Technology can be very useful if it’s used in right ways

If grown people enjoy technology, why not children too

And here there are some apps that your children are going to enjoy:

  • Converting Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Available on iOS only
  • Crayola ColorStudio HD Available on iOS only
  • Thomas & Friends: Engine Activity Fun Available on iOS only
  • Let’s Do Mental Maths Ages 6-7 Available on iOS only
  • Let’s Do Mental Maths Ages 10-11 Available on iOS only

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