5 Steps to Improve Mobile App Engagement

Let me take a guess and say that you are here because you want to find out how to radically improve your mobile App optimisation and increase user engagement. Just by coming here, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction.

This article will take you through a step-by-step guide of how to dramatically improve your mobile App engagement and see results. Whether you choose to take this task on yourself or work with a specialist App developer like Tradebox Media, the following steps are essential if you want to get the most out of your mobile App.

Step 1: Establish Goals

Firstly, outline a clear goal for your mobile App to achieve. This can be anything such as:

  • Increasing outreach
  • Increasing growth
  • Adequate ROI (from money and time spent building and marketing the App)
  • Maximising profits

Once you have a firm objective in mind, it will become much easier to figure out a strategy to optimise and achieve that goal.

However, if you want an specific goal that has been researched using all the available resources then you should consider working with Tradebox Media. Their veteran team of App developers and analysts are on-hand to understand your business and set a realistic goal for your mobile App.

Step 2: Diagnosis

After you have set a goal for your App, the next step is to identify the specific reason(s) why your users are leaving or remaining dormant. You need to run various tests and look at your user figures to determine the issues you face.

Alternatively, Tradebox would take this burden off your shoulders by running analytics and producing insightful reports. You’ll be able to use these reports to pinpoint problems with your App, right down to the smallest details.

Step 3: Solutions

Now that you’ve identified the problems with your App, it’s time to find the best solution that solves the present issues while optimising your goals. The Tradebox team would use their reports, user figures, and market research to create a tailored solution for you. This could be anything from re-branding, new designs, innovative features and so on.

Step 4: Sensitivity Analysis

The sensitivity analysis is the most crucial part of the optimisation process, which is where working with Tradebox will prove to be extremely beneficial. Here, you need to analyse and understand all the possible consequences to your solution, as well as confirm that all stakeholder requirements are still met.

As your partner in this operation, Tradebox performs a holistic evaluation that involves a full cost-benefits analysis, industry-specific reports and focus group testing. We use the gathered information and insights to ensure that you achieve your goal, while enabling your App to deliver the best UX along with sustainable results.

Step 5: Implementation

Although implementation may seem deceivingly simple, it is essential that you have a smooth implementation plan that sees your App reaching the target audience and maximising its potential.

Tradebox goes a step further by offering marketing and branding advice, ensuring that the launch of your App goes impeccably. Through the course of working closely with you, Tradebox becomes genuinely invested in your success and aims to establish a positive relationship through creating the best bespoke mobile experiences.