Is DevOps Important for Mobile App Development

For app development companies, DevOps is extremely useful. Albeit it’s not a very simple procedure in the starting, slowly it becomes easier when you start applying and executing this procedure precisely.

The Essential 6 C’s of Mobile DevOps

There are six elements of the DevOps methodology. These elements connect the entire procedure and ensure the quality of product.

  1. Continuous Integration
    The way of writing code must be cooperative to make sure that the code written by a team can be combined seamlessly with that of another. In DevOps, Continuous integration concentrates on regular error-free developments that should be combined with the final code.
  2. Continuous Planning
    Continuous planning results in bringing the whole project team together – project managers, developers, operation staff, business analysts, and other stakeholders to a common platform for deciding the app’s possibilities and recognising its results and resources.
  3. Continuous Monitoring
    With DevOps, developers can perform more monitoring and testing before distributing the application to the end-user. Continuous monitoring helps recognise and solve problems.

The development procedure stays stable irrespective of the range of change with no human interaction. This makes sure the stability and good performance of the app.

  1. Continuous Testing
    An essential part of the app development lifecycle. It helps address bugs and issues with the app beforehand. The main goal of Continuous testing is to examine the app in advance and test.
  2. Continuous Deployment
    Continuous deployment is another standard of DevOps. It’s a method wherein every code that passes the automated testing stage is released automatically to the production environment.
  3. Continuous Delivery
    This practice results in offering the software (and updates) to the production environment in small steps to make sure that developers can release the software at any time. DevOps in mobile apps ensures that transformations in code are distributed as and when the transformation is done.

The prime purpose of Continuous delivery is to develop, examine, and release to clients quicker and regularly in smaller cycles.

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